We can run cost effective lead generating Pay Click Campaigns to your LP.


Using SMS and Social to generates leads to your LP, puts us in the driver seat each to maximize the leads coming to your CRM on a daily basis.


Call Center Leads can be the most qualified, Pre-Called to Cal to LP campaigns, we can do it all in Tier 1 Eng, Russian and GCC.

Overview of our offerings

Pay Per Click – You pay lead we pay per click, we have built enough campaigns in enough GEO’s we know the key words and how to structure the campaign for the most cost effective and quality leads for you.

Social (All social networks, mainly Facebook, depending on the GEO and results). Creating a lookalike audience based on GEO and previous campaigns targeting with ads with qualification questions such as – Do you have previous experience and if you do can you deposit 250$. If user clicks yes on both it is directed to your LP with already populated registration fields which makes it easier.

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Overview of our offerings

SMS blast daily to data bases allot time it’s the same data. They will get a text and one call in the same day from us. We will also reference this when calling. Did you get our text? Are you ready to sign up? Something like this,very strong process.

Call to LP – our agents call the lead promoting your brand but more important they make him register by themselves on your LP.

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